Norma arrives at Mexico’s southern Baja California Peninsula as a Category 1 hurricane.

Norma’s Arrival as a Category 1 Hurricane

flood maxico

In a remarkable event, Norma struck the Baja California coast on a Saturday as a Category 1 hurricane, ushering in turbulent seas, flooding, and winds gusting at speeds exceeding 75 mph.

From Category 4 to Weakened Force

Former Fury Tamed – Cabo San Lucas Spared

Norma, once a formidable Category 4 hurricane, underwent significant weakening before making landfall, which played a crucial role in protecting the communities in and around Cabo San Lucas from more severe damage.

Peninsula Drenched – Rainfall’s Impact

Precipitation Pours, Waters Rise

The hurricane brought substantial rainfall to the peninsula, with a recorded 4 inches of precipitation over the past few days, leading to reports of widespread flooding.

Hills Witness Nature’s Fury

Elevated Weather Station’s Revelations

An elevated weather station situated atop the hills near Cabo San Lucas documented multiple wind gusts exceeding 90 mph, including a peak gust of 107 mph, as Nature’s power was unleashed.

Coastal Retail Centers Temporarily Closed

Businesses Take Caution Against Hazardous Weather

In response to the dangerous weather conditions, several retail centers near the coast temporarily closed their doors, putting safety first.

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